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Photos of Nielle

2002 Performance Pictures

2001 Performance Pictures

These professional photos were taken by Gina (another great belly dancer who was a member of the Alimah troupe and can be found performing with the Boom Boom Bollywood performance group). I highly recommend her to anyone wanting professional photos done.


With Sherry's belly dance hip hop class Tempe AZ


Performing at ASU's culture night - May 2006

The Black Opal Troupe at the Shake & Bake Competition in
Albuquerque, NM, August 2003

Ava Fleming (director), Heather, Aurora, Larissa, Me and Diosa

Oct. 2005 party performance
Here is the bra/belt set I bought from Domba!
It's really fun to dance in, well made and resonably priced.

Sinbad's in Tempe July 2005
July 2009
Kaya & Sadie's Annual Summer Gala

Dancing in Boulder, CO at Cheer and Gear, March 2010