Music Resources for Belly Dancers

Article on Middle
Eastern Music

Middle Eastern Music: A Primer By Trey R. Barker

AZ Music

If you are a dancer in Arizona chances are you may have met Edric Aziz... if you want to dance to live drumming or learn how to drum, he is THE man (and such a sweet fella too).

CA Music

Beats Antique is a funky electroacoustic music proejct that features the dancing of the lovely Zoe Jakes. Their music is fun to dance to and very unique.

Where to buy
belly dance music - this link takes you to the "middle east" section of their music. Explore the different countries... I like to listen to song samples and find new middle eastern artists I hadn't heard of before. There are also various lists created by other belly dancers who have bought from that are helpful. - as well as costuming also has a wide variety of belly dance music for sale, organized by style.

Bellydance Superstars - has lots of belly dance CDs for sale as well as DVDs and more

Music Downloads and listening online - (ultimate source of Arabic songs) Join and you can download the top hits of the Arabic world in mp3 format. Amr Diab, Hakeem, etc... all at your fingertips for free! I get a lot of my music from this site.

Listen to belly dance music online at Raks Radio - they play a wide variety like Natacha Atlas, Solace, etc...

My favorites

Go to and look up these artists: Amr Diab, Natacha Atlas, Hossam Ramsey, Alabina, Dania, Solace, Mostafa Amar, Warda, Hakim, Hissham Abbas, Mohamed Fouad, Nadia Mostafa, Samira Said
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